Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Shaped like a lady, hung like a donkey."

Moses Jones: 1.2 million viewers
Whitechapel: 7.1 million viewer

Shame. Last night's Moses Jones gave us political ambition, a dollop of ultra-violence and Dennis Waterman patting a ladyboy's pouch.

In this middle-episode, several characters are put under the spotlight as Moses begins obsessing about his only lead: ex-military leader in exile Matthias, while obliviously putting everyone he speaks to in grave danger. After one particularly horrible reprisal, Solomon lets loose his inner Ben Grimm and dishes out some serious pummelling.

I can't wait for next week's conclusion.

Anyone care to tell me what happened in Whitechapel?


  1. Phil and Rupert got on each other's wick. A nasty piece of work was interviewed - it wasn't him. Two women, including that police lady, died in a double murder while Phil and Rupert chased some gentlemen of the Press around in a Black Cab.

    I had to watch it, you see, because I've been convinced since the first ten minutes of the first episode that I know who did it. I'm even more convinced now. I have to KNOW.


  2. Sounds like a right ripping yarn!