Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Gentlemen, welcome to Hell"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so did I abandon all hope.

Following the ITV commissioning anomaly that was the outstanding Unforgiven, the network were back on more familiar ground last night, with Whitechapel.

120 years after Jack the Ripper terrorised the East End, women are being attacked and killed in meticulous recreations of his crimes.

Hot on his heels are the clueless and by the book (literally - referring to the Murder Investigation Manual throughout) DI Rupert Penry-Jones and a squad of cynical, dishevelled odourous detectives, led by Phil Davis. Penry-Jones has a thing, naturally: OCD, and a habit of rubbing balm into his temples.

Production values were high, London looked suitably murky, and the performances were very good, but overall the whole thing was predictable, uninspired, and a complete load of old cobblers.

Welcome back, ITV.

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