Sunday, January 25, 2009

Being Human - tougher than you think

So, after a long, long wait since last February’s pilot, that was the first episode of Being Human. Did you like it? I did. It was creepy and funny; well-written, and unflinching. It was darker than I expected, actually; definitely veering more toward drama than comedy. Nice to see a show debut so strongly, with such a clear sense of its own aims, identity and - crucially - ability.

For those Not In The Know, the basic pitch of Being Human is: a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost share a house in Bristol. All they want is to be normal.

Bloody complications ensue.


  1. Sounds like a great jumping off point...

  2. Now as a rule I tend to avoid BBC3, being somewhat beyond the demographic, but I may make an exception for Being Human now you mention it!


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  4. Fella, you're back!!

    Sorry, given this is the internet, I should say, "your back!"

    So, Being Human. On Sunday night opposite Lost. Unlucky.

    Should I watch it on iPlayer? BBC3 seems to be the channel for numpties.

    And hey, you got a comment from MISA too. Best to ignore.

  5. I checked out MISA's blog. Couldn't make head or tale of it, sadly; the video could do with subs.

    Being Human - yeah, check it out. I don't spend a lot of time tuned into BBC Three these days, but it gets cut some slack in the drama department on account of Bodies, three years ago though it may have been. It helps a bit if you saw the pilot last year, but it's not essential, especially with the amount of retooling and recasting that went on between then and now.

    The scheduling was unfortunate, but Being Human will get plenty of repeats (tonight, for example), and Lost only just edged it out in the ratings. In multi-channel terms, it's going to be big, I think.

  6. Although I prefer the original pilot, I liked it and will keep watching.

    Some of the comedy felt a bit tacked-on and sitcommy which made the dark ending a bit of a jump.

  7. The show is, so far, great. I think this show is definitely a drama, and feel that the comedy bits add a nice constrast and make the emotional range truer to life. It's going to be interesting to see how the arc develops out in the total of six episodes available.