Friday, July 04, 2008

Good news, bad news

Back from Cheltenham - the Screenwriters’ Festival was marvellous, and I’ve returned home with a new appreciation for the subtleties of croquet.

Driving through Cheltenham was hellish. I only almost crashed twice, though, so I must be improving. Once I was back on my country roads, I floored it and made it home in no time. After four days with no internet access, I was a bit upset to find that my ISP had shut down my free webspace, which means that anyone looking for scripts listed on wouldn’t have found a dratted thing, thanks to Turner taking umbrage at my possession of one their scripts. After a few phone calls, and some backing down of which The Dark Arrow would be proud, things are back up and running again.

PDF screenplays, on the other hand, has been raped by traffic, and is having a hard time providing scripts. I’ve got nothing to do with the site; no affiliation at all, but since I’ve mentioned it a couple of time, I figured I should clear up what I could.

There will be many photos soon of several bloggers misbehaving.


  1. Thanks for the update on your script pages - I was curious as to why I kept getting a '403 Forbidden' all day yesterday.

  2. Before you post those pics, I wish to make it clear that those people were alive when I left them, and I was merely inspecting the knife to see if it was mine. Anything else is down to obvious Photoshop trickery.

  3. Hi, hi, hi!
    Great to be seeing you!

    Please be circumspect with photographs of me... no amount of photoshopping could make me look good!

    And if you could photoshop the evidence to point away from me... then that would be great... (hint, hint)

    If only I could think of some kind of scapegoat... hmm... now, who can we think of anybody who'd been inspecting the knife?

  4. Ah, were you playing croquet up there. Top game!