Friday, December 21, 2007

TV: Best of the new

John Rogers says Life is the best new network show of the fall. I like it, but I don’t love it. Not even in my top three.

Currently rocking the Thomson satisfaction scale, in descending order, are:

Chuck – I wasn’t the pilot’s biggest fan, thinking that Reaper was more solid, and had better legs. Sketchy, unsympathetic characters and the obvious built-in obsolescence of the premise really turned me off. But whereas Reaper has given us the same episode every Tuesday, Chuck has developed into my most eagerly anticipated show of the week. Hot women, great action, unresolved sexual tension, and laugh out loud geek humour make this a winner. Plus, I’m a little bit gay for Captain Awesome. Who isn’t?

Pushing Daisies – alright, so it’s sweet enough to topple a diabetic. It’s also constantly inventive, snappy, and balances its heart-warming whimsy with often cruel cynicism and a vein of dark humour as black and bitter as the purest chocolate.

Journeyman – although sadly going no further, this was a great new take on the travelling angel genre, which, like Chuck, overcame a wobbly pilot and became a very rare thing indeed: a mature genre show. No angst ridden super-powered teenagers here, just a man trying to keep his life together while doing the bidding of a faceless, nameless agency. Pulled just as an interesting mythology began to develop. Shame.

As for best new cable show of the yearthat’s a no-brainer, innit.


  1. I feel about LIFE the way you feel about CHUCK; and vice versa.

    On the other two, with you all the way.

  2. Dude -

    You have to let me know when the new season of SPOOKS is on so I can fire up the corsair and sail the waters of the web...

  3. Will do, Bill. But you know Season Six finished just four days ago, right?

  4. Yeah, what Stephen says. I have to agree with the Rogers, I want to marry LIFE and dumped CHUCK after three episodes for the reasons you state plus the fake annoying inter-agency rivalry. But if it's developed...

  5. I heart Pushing Daisies, especially once I realised it was a near perfect hybrid of Amelie...

    ...and The Avengers.