Sunday, December 16, 2007

More DVD news

‘Tis the season to be jolly, indeed.

A year and a half back, I wrote about the obsession and dedication of Craig Robins, the Stephen Moffat fan who petitioned the Beeb to grant him a licence to publish the DVD of Moffat’s lost 90’s sit-com Joking Apart.

The first season release was a true labour of love, and must have done well, because this landed in my inbox this afternoon:

Now what would you really like for Christmas this year? How about Joking Apart Series 2 on DVD? Sadly, Santa can't deliver because it won't be out in time but at least you'll be able to have it as soon as it's released on 17th March 2008.

It will be a two-disc set this time and the extras include commentaries on all episodes featuring Steven Moffat, Robert Bathurst, Fiona Gillies, Tracie Bennett, Paul Raffield, Andre Ptaszynski (producer), Bob Spiers (director) and Stacey Adair (Production Manager); the 1991 Joking Apart pilot episode (one of a series of pilots that were shown under the umbrella title of 'Comic Asides'); a complete set of scripts in pdf format; 'Joking Apart in the Studio' pdf article; plus a colourful companion booklet. Theoretically, we could just about have squeezed everything onto one very full disc but only at the expense of picture quality, so I opted for two discs instead, especially as a lot of work had been put into digitally restoring the episodes. They genuinely look far better now than they did when shown on TV in 1995. And the inclusion of the pilot will be particularly welcomed by all those of you who emailed me, asking for it.

The DVD is available to pre-order now on our new look website. Pre-orders will be despatched during the week preceding official release.

Season One was very,very funny, and with Moffat commentary, and scripts to boot, this is a package that’s really too good to miss.


  1. Tis pity you won't be able to join us on Tuesday. Hope to see you some other time.


  2. You won't miss me; you'll be with some lovely, lovely ladies.

    And James. Who only dresses like one.