Sunday, November 25, 2007

Want some Moore?

By now, most of you should have seen last night’s Galactica special - Razor. I saw it weeks ago because, of course, I am awesome. I thought it was terrific, answering several lingering questions, and opening up whole new avenues for the show to explore next year (if it ever gets the chance).

As you would expect, the episode comes with podcast on Sci-Fi’s site. Not, scotch and smokes in hand, a Ron Moore commentary - that’s being saved for the extended DVD release, but a four hour recording of the writers’ meeting in which the story was first pitched to the executive producer.

Set some time aside and have a listen.


  1. Hi Lee,

    James Moran did a blog round up of UK writers supporting the WGA strike in the US and sent the links to (it's the grass-roots movement that started with delivery pizza to the picket lines and ... evolved.)

    As you're blogging about BSG Razor I thought I'd let you know that Ron Moore has been hanging out and talking about it in a thread here:


  2. Oh geek heaven. Happy happy joy joy. Thanks for the signpost.

  3. The DVD commentary is pretty damn good, too.