Monday, September 03, 2007

Who to hibernate

Doctor Who’s fifth season has been put on hold until 2010, while David Tennant plays Hamlet at the RSC.

Season Four will air next year, and 2009 will see three specials starring Tennant, penned by Russell T Davis.

BBC press release.


  1. could they not have the doctor get lost some where in time and space and the assistants have to spend a season looking for him?

    Every now and again he could pop up on a screen and say "warmer" or "colder"

    I read your previous post where you mentioned you had depression.
    I had that for a while. Pills got me out of that hole but I stay out on my own now. Keep taking the tablets.
    Mine were called lustral and one side effect was a really hard cock! that really cheered me up!

  2. Haven't had that one yet - I'll definitely be making representations to my GP.

    Cool cartoons.

  3. I heard the opposite with Lustral, as with the other SSRIs. Although it does seem to have less side effects than others.

    Also loving the cartoons.

  4. Catching up --

    Are you going to change your blog to "The Leg, It Hurts"?