Monday, July 02, 2007

Silly things to do

If you haven’t been listening to I’m Sorry I’m Haven’t A Clue, then you’re loco, ese. It is, as they say, made of win.

Luckily, because the BBC feel sorry for those of you who have yet to recognise this self-styled “antidote to panel games” is Great Britain’s crowning contribution to Western Civilization, they’ve given you a chance to catch up using the runner-up in Great Britain’s crowning contribution to Western Civilization poll, the BBC Radio Player.

Cherish Humphry Littleton’s timing for as long as we have him, and be prepared for your jaw to hit the floor when you hear what Samantha’s got planned for dinner tonight.


  1. Great article in today’s edition of The Times.

    Lucky old Mr Dewhurst. Did you know about this tour they’re doing?

  2. Good read, that, though the writer's obviously one of those people who can't tell jokes - the tongue was preserved in fermented apples. It's wordplay, for Pete's sake!

    I knew nothing about the tour, sadly. I see they're playing at the New Theatre in Oxford, though I'm not sure I could bear to go. I was sacked from that self-same venue for losing £2k worth of Oz-fest tickets. They're probably sold out anyway. Graham Garden's local, so perhaps I can hit him up for comps in Somerfield.