Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lucy made me do it

The Life You Make

When cranky spirits torment a boy for defacing their graves, they accidentally doom reality. One delinquent and his granddad’s ghost must help them fix it.

Will may be trouble, but he’s not a bad lad. He loves his nan; but wishes his baby step-brother would go back where he came from.

Unhappy at home, he falls in with a notorious gang of hoodies, and becomes a public menace.

As his nan’s health worsens and his mother neglects him, his acts of petty crime escalate, and he vandalises a cemetery.

An affronted group of spirits decide to teach him a lesson by showing him how the world would be better off with his troublemaking arse out of the picture.

What the spirits haven’t understood is that the universe doesn’t like people disappearing, and because of their actions the barrier that protects the living from mindless ghouls that prowl the borders of reality is failing. Now they need Will to save us all. But why should one miserable teenager care if the world ends tomorrow?

See Lucy’s Blog for explanation.


  1. Very nice Thomson. May all your children dance in small moccasins as the grasshopper hops daily.

  2. Not too family friendly? I could pulp it up a bit, rename it "Don't Piss On My Grave!"

  3. I like the twist that he's a miserable teenager so why should he care.

  4. The 'wonderful life' twist is hilarious--The ghosts show him how things would be better without him.

  5. I like this a lot. Like the way it's written, I felt I got a good sense of your style just from the logline and synopsis, bodes well for the script!

    Loved the twist: I'd like to know how much a teenager would care if it happened to him!

  6. Cheers, Laura, and thanks for the vote!