Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Into the sunset

Anyone interested in seeing how Tim Minear’s most recent ill-fated project may have continued may like to know that the final two episodes of Drive have been dumped by Fox onto their myspace page.

It’s only available in the USA, but I expect webrips to show up within the hour, a la the excellent Daybreak.

The final two shooting scripts of the season are also available at, where you can also read scripts from The Inside, a show I thought would have got a lot better had it continued (and did, as the entire production run of 13 eps ran on ITV4). However, the opening episodes were boring, so it got what it deserved.

Scripts for Wonderfalls can be found here.

Firefly scripts are here.

Oh, and don’t miss Wonderfalls’ Bryan Fuller’s confectionary new delight, Pushing Daisies, coming soon. The pilot’s had all kinds of wonderful buzz, and the script was terrific.


  1. Drive irritated me. Which was a shame.

    Pushing Daisies though... How bonkers is that? Just in time to fill the space left by John from Cincinnati surfing off into the sunset.

    Given Fuller's show is going out on a network rather than a cable channel, how many episodes before it gets clunked on the head?

  2. I'd love it to surprise everyone and be an overnight smash, but sadly, a round half dozen would be my guess.

    I'm sure they'll be six perfect episodes, though.

  3. Having been conditioned to short-run UK drama, six bloody good episodes is better than a season where they've had to water down the concept to stay on the air.

  4. You guys are so on top of what's happening and what's coming up over here, it's really quite intimidating.

    'Pushing Daisies' pilot script...can me see?

    I'm going to post something about how much can aspiring writers or experienced writers for that matter really learn from stuff like John From Cinci and Life On Mars and what I'm seeing here of Pushing Daisies. And I can't quite articulate it yet but it has to do with the fact they would be tough to spec and are all great viewing experiences in the short term, but with limited long term appeal. As in, once the original 'hook' wears off or runs its course, that should be all she wrote.

    It's a shame that they are put out there as series that could go on for years when in fact, they should just be limited series.

    That said, I would put Dexter in the same category yet it goes on into Season 2 (which Lee is already viewing...bastard!)

  5. Just saw the pilot for Reaper as well. V. good stuff.

    You're absolutely right about some shows needing to have limited runs. I'm pretty hard pressed to see how Pushing Daisies is going to develop its franchise, but then I'm not Bryan Fuller, who is really quite a smarty pants.

    Viva Laughlin, too; what's the point? It is such a gimmicky show I can't imagine it lasting the full season. They'll run out of money buying up song rights.

    Dexter still has a ways to go - a third novel has just been released, so I'd imagine they'll be at least a third season as well. At least it has the benefit of a thirteen episode run, which I've long considered the ideal length for a TV serial.

  6. Dexter doesn't follow the books from season 2 onwards I understand, the showrunner didn't want to take the show in that particular direction.

    I'm coming round slowly to the 13 episode run thing. More isn't always better but a few series are going past 22 and even past 24 episodes next season.

  7. Can't say I was all that taken with Reaper.

  8. It's not HBO, I know, but it made me laugh quite a bit, so that's good.

    Currently watching the Sarah Connor pilot, which like the script is not bad, not great, and only just holding my interest. Early days, though.

    At the other end of the scale, I'm making my way through a batch of vintage UKTV from Network DVD - stuff like Public Eye and The Sandbaggers. Those were the days - as I'm too young to have caught these first time round, they're quite the revelation.

  9. I'm becoming convinced a season of 13 is the way to go as well.

    Not too short to keep actors contracted between series, not so long as to burn out everyone involved.

    And if you can make two inter-related series at 13 apiece to ensure that your behind-screen talent doesn't bugger off between seasons...

    Let's see how Torchwood 2 pans out. But I'm thinking this might be the model to head for.

  10. I'd like to live in a world where Pushing Daisies gets a full season order. Awesome writing.

    Also liked Reaper. Not impressed with Chuck and Sarah Connors.

  11. Sarah Conner was an odd one, because the pilot gives no indication of what a standard episode will be like. I'll have to watch a couple of episodes to make up my mind.

    Watched Pushing Daisies. Lovely. Really heavy Amelie influence, right down to sharing a soundtrack.