Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Terrible twos

June-August 2005: new blogs are springing up all over the shop, the scribosphere (coinage courtesy of Craig Mazin, ici, lest we forget) in chaotic, fractal bloom. Within this primordial gunk, a frightening future takes hold.

Ars Memoriae opens its doors on 27th June, 2005, with a eulogy, and just as swiftly closes them again. Later, it will return as The Light, It Hurts, a focussed, lean and single-minded screenwriting blog. Much later. Maybe tomorrow.

For two years I have wittered away, prevaricating, procrastinating, and pettifogging, and done so in sterling company. To all my readers, especially those of you kind enough to leave me comments, buy me drinks and put me up, my thanks, although why did you have to go and encourage me? If you’d ignored me, I’d have gone away and done something more useful.

So, two more years? Anyone else up for that? Let’s keep the party going.

The way we were:


  1. Fella,

    That's a coincidence. Happy 2nd blog anniversary.

    Have to say, when I saw the name of the post I thought it was about the scripts.

  2. Wheee! Congrats.

    I'm but a wee babe in the land of old boy blogs. Keep teaching me how its supposed to be done.

  3. Many happy returns, you dangerous lunatic. You young whippersnappers, with your webb blogs, and your downloaded tunes, and your VideoTube, I don't know, it's all a fad, it'll never last, etc etc

  4. Tell me again, Old Man Moran, how once upon a time the internet was all fields, as far as the eye could see, and how an area of the web the size of Ireland was lost to us young types with our bloggies on a string.

    I like that story.

    Don't take any tips from me, Dix, I'm the blogger who buggers off for weeks on end, leaving you all high and dry.

    And GD, would I? Liking Episode One so far. I have to say I'm finding it hard to process that you have a real name!