Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer premieres

So the US networks' September-June season is done. In my absence from the blog we’ve witnessed the long goodbye of Veronica Mars, and the 200mph departure of Drive. In a week, The Sopranos’ll go out on a high note at HBO, and you might be wondering just what you’ll be watching next.

Well, there’s a whole slew of shows premiering in the coming weeks: a couple of new kids on the block, some old and dear friends, and a couple of other poor sad specimens I don’t have the heart to break it off with.

As they come, then:

June 10 - John From Cincinnati (HBO)
        the show with more to prove than most. Who wouldn’t rather have a new season of Deadwood, hmmm? But it’s Milch, so you can bet I’ll be right there.

June 11 - Big Love (HBO)
        I really liked what I saw of Big Love’s first season, but for some reason I never actually finished it.

June 11 - Kyle XY (ABC Family)
        there aren't many family dramas whose lead pisses himself, gets inappropriate boners and sleeps in a bath, so when one comes along, it's worth watching.

June 13 - Rescue Me (FX)
        fourth season. Why have I not even watched 1-3 yet? They’re sitting here on DVD, so what exactly is putting me off?

June 17 - Dead Zone (USA)
        I bailed during season four, and didn't go back for five, as they were in fact the same production block, with many of the season five episodes having been shot before a lot of the season four ones, which is not quite the sort of prognostication this show is known for. USA are promising a big shakeup, so I'll check this out, I think.

June 17 - The 4400 (USA)
        Dropped like a hot potato last year (what’s going on, USA?). It was boring. Really. Might look in on the premier if - nah, forget it, we’re through, 4400! Take that long, mopey face somewhere else, girlfriend.

June 17 - Meadowlands (Showtime)
        Co-pro between our own Channel Four, and pretender to HBO’s crown Showtime. I haven't seen any promos for this on C4 yet, but then I can't remember the last time I watched anything on actual telly. Showtime don't let you into their site if you're not in the US, so all my info is from Wikipedia:

Meadowlands is a television drama series which focuses on a family trying to escape its past while confronting an even more uncertain future. The series picks up as Danny (David Morrissey) and Evelyn Brogan (Lucy Cohu) along with their two teenage kids enter a witness protection program and are moved to a bucolic neighborhood, Meadowlands, to begin a new life. Picturesque and crime-free, Meadowlands appears to be a suburban paradise where the Brogan family can begin to start a new life. But they soon realize that it's not so easy to escape the past and their safe haven becomes a world of paranoia and psychological intrigue with surprises around every corner.

I think I saw Broadcast give this a pretty firm nod a couple of weeks ago, as well. Sounds like it’s worth checking out.

UPDATE - Apparently Meadowlands will be known as Cape Wrath over here, and will be showing on Four from July.

All this, and I still need to make time for season two of Rome, The Riches, and Mushishi (dudes, I have been in anime overload lately - any of you ever seen Noein? Hot damn! If Alan Garner were Japanese and read X-Men, this would be the result).


  1. The summer does look good with even Lifetime having some interesting shows.

    A lot of people shared the same experience with Big Love, quality writing, but not a must-see concept.

    I loved Kyle XY and I also loved The 4400. The exciting and never boring The 4400.

    I gave up on Rescue Me and I'm struggling with The Riches.

  2. I was totally committed to Kyle XY from the moment in the first episode when little brother (Josh?) dashes into the bathroom with a porn mag, pulls down his pants, and then finds Kyle in the bath. Sold!

    Jasmine was basically the reason I ditched 4400. Sorry - Isabelle. And Alana. And the slightly dull Diana/Marco romance. So most of the season, really. Have they gone yet? I might come back if they have.

  3. I was totally committed to Kyle XY as soon as I saw Matt Dallas. But then I got pretty much obsessively hooked on the storyline, I think this season's gonna be just as addictive as last.

    I've always wanted to watch Big Love but don't have HBO. I suppose I'll rent when it comes out on DVD.

    Thanks for the summer show update!

  4. I think Kyle XY re-defined family viewing from the extreme nut-job moralistic definition to families like most of us have. It was more truthful.

    I've got to admit the Isabelle thing was very dodgy as it seemed a bit cute but she turned out to be far from cute. Her storyline came together beautifully at the end as the different people chose sides.

    But you'll be happy to hear that Alana may have gone back for good. Also Diana and her new boyf have gone to Spain with the 4400 daughter. I'm not sure about Isabelle though.

  5. I saw the first four episodes of Meadowlands, and highly recommend - The Prisoner on Twin Peaks with a touch of Dexter ... Intriguingly Miasmic Meadowlands...

  6. Okay, that sounds good - my curiosity is well and truly piqued.