Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New blogs

Well, two new ones and a third that’s been around for months, but remained so far under the radar it’s currently ranked 1,578,274th place with Technorati. Which is a shame, because it’s fab. So, in descending order of seniority (which means the newest one goes first, I think. Right?):

What It’s Like - Lisa Klink, writer for Painkiller Jane, Missing, Roswell, ST: Voyager, the upcoming Flash Gordon and bounteous others blogs about notes, typecasting, the room, agents and more, in order to pump yet more high grade advice into these junkie veins. Thanks to Maggie for this fix.

Eventually we’re going to have to stop taking advice and just do something.

Anyone writing a pilot will find lots to ponder in Running WIth My Eyes Closed by Jill Golick, a blog all about, er, pilots, damn it. This is a real “nuts and bolts” blog. Read it if you want to know how todays scripts are being put together. That one came from Denis.

My pick of the bunch though, has to be Seriocity. Kay Reindl (Millenium, Dead Zone), who hates Heroes, likes The Veils and mocks her comment section, gives us the lowdown on staffing season, writing pilots, Hollywood hacks, and TV critics who hate TV. She writes about three posts a month. They’re usually quite long. And ranty. So ranty. I like.

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