Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Human on the inside

Like I've said, I’m not too cut up about Veronica Mars’ demise. Really, I’m over it. Done. What does still tick me off though, nine years later, is that Cupid was cancelled. Damn them, how could they?

Rob Thomas’ Olympian TV Rom-Com starred a hyperactive, phenomenal Jeremy Piven as “Trevor Hale,” a psychiatric patient who claimed to be the Greek God of Love, exiled to Earth until he could match 100 couples. Show!Killer! (to borrow the lingo) Paula Marshall played Dr Claire Allen, his psychiatrist, and relationship councillor.

Trevor believes in animal attraction, and lust at first sight. Claire runs a singles group and advises her sad sack attendees and hangers-on to write compatibility lists and wait for Mr/Miss Right.

Wacky high-jinks ensue. The show skillfully hedged it’s bets on whether Trevor was deity or ding-bat, was a pure joy, not watched, and quickly cancelled. It’s never been released on DVD and most likely never will be. Rob Thomas himself has had to buy pirated copies from E-Bay. Me, I got ‘em for free using Azureus, but each to his own.

Tonight I felt like wallowing for a while, and dug out my ancient copies, digitised from some anonymous viewer’s VHS. Whoever you were, I salute you. The best part of a decade, low resolution, and bad tracking cannot sour Cupid’s blend of quickfire cynical wit and sweet, romantic storylines. That the two leads have a chemistry you could taste 20 feet from your TV (raspberry and pistachio) only makes the experience richer. If you never got the chance to see this, and one day have the opportunity, don’t pass it up. It could be love.


  1. I was a huge fan of Cupid based on the couple of scripts Rob Thomas made available on his web site , and luckily managed to see the full series on its one UK airing ages later.

    Spookily, I notice someone has made the series available again on a private tracker, which may show up on public search engines eventually.

  2. Airing this was one of the few good things Five ever did - along with repeating the entire Beauty and the Beast.