Wednesday, June 06, 2007


You guys. You complain a lot about the state of your TV industry, and for all I know it may be as big a shambles as you make it out to be. Nevertheless, I can slouch here with my hand more or less where I remember my heart to be and swear to you that we have aired nothing of the calibre of Durham County, Intelligence, or Slings and Arrows in the last twelve months.

That’s some first rate work, right there. God knows what you guys could do if you got your shit together.

For the unaware, Durham County, the most recent of the above, is a dark and twisted sado-sexual thriller taking place in a godforsaken bleached landscape. The constant and subliminal thrum of a thousand power lines permeates the characters’ lives; keeping them up at night, sending them into hallucinatory reveries, and from there into a frenzy of sexual paranoia and violence. It’s Midsomer Murders gone horribly, horribly wrong, and it’s magnificent.

Luckily, all the talk is already of a second season. This is great news. There is only one episode left of the current run, and it looks as though Season Two can only open with all the characters driven to madness, despair and rage. Just the way I like it. Suffer, little puppets; suffer and burn!

Also to be renewed is Intelligence, the second season of which is due to start in October. Here’s a little bit of Chris Haddock showing us one of his big boards (with credit to Diane):


  1. I need to get me some coloured cards.

    I've just watched the first four eps of Durham County and I can't wait for the last two parts. It's quality.

  2. A convert!

    Never mind all the sex and death, who'd have thought big anime faces could be so creepy?

  3. Lee, you've got another convert. Hell, the title sequence alone creeped me out. Just at the point in episode one where it's back to the woods for a second picnic. Eeewww! (in a wooo-hoooo! way)