Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blue Mars

Finally forced myself to sit down and watch the last two episodes of Veronica Mars - most likely the final episodes of the series. I wish I could say I’d been looking forward to them, but I‘d been disappointed in Season Three as a whole. The two major arcs of the campus rapist and murdered Dean simply didn’t hold my interest, and the writing felt tired; sometimes forced, other times rushed.

Following the lengthy two month hiatus, I hadn’t planned to come back for the final five episodes at all, but for the sake of completion, fired up Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down, and quickly followed it up with The Bitch is Back. They were good. Really good. A Trip to the Dentist good.

But - most likely - they came too late into a struggling season to save the show. Though a fourth season of Veronica Mars as we know it is almost certainly bound not to happen, there is as yet no word on whether that whore Rob Thomas will be able to bring back Veronica, retooled as an FBI cadet. Here’s hoping that Thomas finds some way to continue Veronica’s story, because these most recent episodes have proved beyond doubt that there is still life in Mars.

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