Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm a creep...

So I’ve been slack, okay? It happens.

Anyway, I’m just popping in for a moment to say holy hell and offer congratulations to all-round bloody good bloke and first of the UK scribeosphereansophonistalists, James Moran, who’s only gone and got himself a job writing Doctor Who.



  1. Finally, a new post! You do realise that poor woman's been holding spaghetti up against a tree for two months now, don't you? Her arms must be killing her by now.

  2. Slacker.

    Does this mean you'll write a post whenever any of us get a job?

    Or is it only Doctor Who?

    Or is it only James?

    Or is it only when the two collide?

  3. Piers, I love you all. What do I have to do to prove it?

  4. Thomson: It stops talking to other people, or else it gets the hose again. It is mine. It does not post about anything else.