Sunday, April 01, 2007

50 Years Ago Today

The classic April Fools':

Many people are often puzzled by the fact that spaghetti is produced at such uniform length, but this is the result of many years of patient endeavour by plant breeders, who succeeded in producing the perfect spaghetti.


  1. That was a joke?! Shit...

    Doing anything for your getting-older day?

  2. I told you you didn't need to wash it first.

    There's a possibility I may be found in The Chequers on Thursday night.

  3. They still try variations of this same boring joke every tear.

  4. Dude...wake up - April Fools is long gone.

  5. Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it? I finished reading that Mernitt book weeks ago, as well.

    Quick update,then:

    Right now, I'm watching the World Snooker Championship Final, and have we got a game. This time last night, Mark Selby was trailing John Higgins 4-12. Today he's done the impossible and pulled it back to 13-14 as I write. It's first to eighteen, and they could be there for a while. Brilliant game.

    Proper posting will resume soon, I promise.

  6. I bailed after that hour-long frame (think it was the one that went to 13-14). Missed most of it anyway, and wasn't in the mood. It looked it was going to drag on till about 5am though. Normally I love snooker, me.

  7. Yes, watching them play the same ball for twenty minutes took a bit of stamina. By that stage I was mesmerised by the run of the balls and Mark Selby's strange side-to-side cue action. After 13-14, Higgins won a quick four frames and it was all over by one.

    It's the only sport in the world where you can improve your own form just by watching others.