Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ten years ago today

I have no memory of writing this:

Today is a fine sunshine day. Got up at 9.00 sun a-shine, had croissants and fine coffee for breakfast. Read the paper, everyone in the world is getting on famously and we have all signed an international peace treaty and disarmed all those nasty nuclear weapons. Dissertation is going swimmingly, only 100 words to go. Handing in my graphic novel essay today - glad I got the boys at Vertigo to check through it - I’m sure those original illustrations from “Crusaders” will go down a treat with old Dawson. Looking forward to the party at Piccadilly Hotel tonight - my tux is all pressed and ready. Nice of those chaps at Glenfiddich to send down a crate of their finest. Must dash - have to pack for trip to New York on Saturday. More later. Cheerio. (p.s. isn’t life grand!)

It’s not even my handwriting.

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