Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I love TV

In all my long years of watching television, I have been variously wowed, cowed, surprised, taken for a ride, impressed, depressed, strung out, wrung out, ridden hard and put away wet (figuratively speaking) and occasionally humbled.

Hours and hours. Cumulative months of tube-gazing, and I have never reacted to an hour of television the way I was hit by Battlestar Galactica’s finale. Cheesy? Manipulative? Out of left-field? Maybe. Jaw-dropping? Indubitably.

I look at all those folks up in arms, crying about how the show’s jumped the shark, is making it up as it goes along etc, etc, and I think: dudes, what you want, TV’s never gonna give you.

It makes me sad.

And then I go and watch it again and think: fuck, who does that? And I’m happy again.

2008? Fuck! And soon...the finale of Friday Night Lights. The end of Life on Mars. Ah me, at least I still have Bleach.

Bleach? What’s that? you ask. Go and find out for yourself, I say. You’ll thank me for it later.

And of course, all new Sopranos and Shield. Happy happy happy.


  1. The BSG season finale was fantastic however FNL...is with out doubt the single best written TV prog on at the moment... I am constantly stunned by how emotional and truthful and revealing it is...the opening teaser of the pilot is a master class in character writing and nuance.

    And all this with a healthy dose of God and Americian football??? Who would have thought it...

    Fingers crossed for a 2nd season


  2. That episode was fantastic. I WANT tv to go places I would never have guessed they'd go, making it a wild ride and crazy and interesting.

    I love tv! You said it.

  3. [whimper] must. not. read. further.

    (a season three airing in New Zealand's doubtful since season two went straight to DVD.)

    i must be strong. and patient.

  4. The Battlestar Galactica finale was just rocking.

    Read the Salon interview and, yeah Moore made changes but, so what, it worked out. And if this is what happens when these guys make it up, keep on doing it.

    All the whiners can just bugger off and play with themselves in a deep, dark hole. You're right, the box is never going to give them what they want.

    The thing is they probably don't know what they want. Although more oxygen during their birth should probably be first on the list.

    Lee, there's a great interview with Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos and Ronald Moore over on Entertainment Weekly's site. It's in the TV section. (I would put a link but some pudknocker who hasn't yet seen the show would probably clip on it and when whine like a little girl that it's spoilt the surprises. So find it yourself).

    My only beef is... where's the frickin' podcast. That's gonna be tasty.

  5. I'll watch the Life on Mars finale this weekend if possible. Overall I've liked it.

  6. Bill, you must have time machine. A time machine called a screener, because Life on Mars has another two to air. I've liked this season, too, and think the individual episodes are stronger than last year's, but it doesn't seem to be as coherent as last season. Still, Sam's frustration with his colleagues' determinedly non-PC attitudes this week was priceless.

    GD, thanks for signposting the interview. reaction to the episode has been hi-larious. Can't wait for the podcast.

    Blankscreen, how good was that Mud Bowl episode of FNL? Matt is now officially the shit; although since singing his gran out of the closet, it's only been a matter of time.

    All that, plus Bleach rocked this week. Again. Bankai!

  7. I'm not ashamed to say it Lee... there were tears in my eyes by the end of this episode... if they cancel this show!!! I swear I think my head might just explode...

    And you're spot on about Matt...he cracks me up. I like that they put Matt and Street together. A very clever way of bringing Street back into the show 'cause for a while he looked like he was in his own spin off series.