Saturday, January 20, 2007

Scrivener: Outline. Edit. Storyboard. Write.

Another Mac software post.

The market for writing applications on OSX has seen tremendous strides made in recent years - from Ulysses to Copywrite to Jer’s to Celtx to Avenir and Montage, and now Scrivener, writers turned programmers have done remarkable things. They have collaborated, set-up testing programs and been admirably open to user feedback, creating a plethora of environments to help us get work done tidily and quickly.

Scrivener is the most complete, useful, and just plain beautiful app of the lot. So far. And Version 1 has just been released today.

Although not a total screenwriting app, it does include basic screenplay formatting options, and will export as text allowing import into Final Draft or Montage. With a very cool full-screen mode, integrated outliner, corkboard and versioning, it really is an incredibly impressive entry into the market of native Mac writing tools.

With glowing testimonials from Michael Marshall (Spares, Straw Men):
I genuinely think this is the biggest software advance for writers since the word processor.

and Neil Cross (Spooks):
Scrivener is damn near perfect,

you’ve got nothing to lose by downloading the trial version and checking out the tutorial.

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