Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Obedient drone

So here we go, I’m home from work and I’m visiting the internet using (feh) dial-up for the first time in three years. It’s a drag, I’m telling you.

Why am I doing it? It’s Stevenote day, of course!

Today is the day Apple gives us new products to buy or, in my case, plot to steal.

So far, although Steve Jobs has promised to talk only about the Mac, he’s rolled out AppleTV and the iPhone/widescreen iPod. Can’t wait to see what else is up his turtlenecked sleeves.

UPDATE - oh, okay, so that was it apparently. One product that won't be released for months and months, and another that's bugger all use outside the US. And they call it Macworld. What the dickens is going on with iLife/iWork and Leopard, eh?


  1. Yes but oh my God LOOK AT IT it does things and touchy touch and smooth and clever turny thing and webbymobile stuff and motion sensor
    and spank

  2. I have no frigging idea what you're talking about, so I must have come to the right place because I am in need of techy-weirdoes again! It's a Final Draft Question: where the bloody hell is the "loose" option for pages? Mine are too uptight...

  3. P.S. I know it LOOKS like I'm stalking you James popping up behind you in the comments section all the time, but really I'm not and even if I were I'm not dangerous. Honest. Ask Danny - I really DO stalk him ; )

  4. Techy-weirdoes?? What's wrong with wanting to stroke machinery and sleep with computers??

    I've never heard of the "loose" option, what's that? Is it like the hide white space option in Word?

  5. spank? what's spank?

  6. "Hide White Space" option in Word??? I never knew this! It's a conspiracy!

    As I understand it, the "loose" option in FD will give you an extra few pages, which I sorely need, but I'll be buggered if I can find the little blighter. Anyone out there able to relieve my anally retentive script???

  7. Don't know if there's an actual loose option, but check the line spacing, that's probably where it is - my FD is at home, but there's supposedly a "tight" or "very tight" option, which can be put back to "normal".

    As for Word: Tools - Options - View tab - Untick the White space between pages box. It hides the gaps and bits where something ends halfway down the page, doesn't affect the printout but lets you see everything clumped together.

  8. Why thank you hedgehog, you is THE MAN.

  9. knackers, it would seem I have been a bit too previous! The "tight" option is not in line spacing. Anyone in front of their Final Draft who can rescue a damsel in distress???

  10. I am now in front of it. On the Mac, it is here:

    Document menu
    Page Layout
    Option tab/button
    Line spacing dropdown thingy

    If you're using Windows, it's either the same menu, or maybe the Page Setup on the File menu, or Page Layout on another menu.

  11. Which of AppleTV or iPhone is "bugger all use outside of the US", exactly? You can buy the AppleTV from the UK Apple site right now, and the keynote speech explained the rollout dates of the iPhone across the entire planet: US-June 2007, Europe-Last quarter of 2007, Asia-2008.

  12. There's an excellent chance that the iPhone is still a work in progress, so that when it comes to the UK it will support 3G, which is really the only area in which it's facing criticism right now. Oh, and the closed platform part, but I can't say I expected much else.

    The AppleTV is not much use in the UK, or anywhere outside of the US really, because of the lack of TV and movie content in the iTunes store. I could buy it tomorrow, and all it would be good for is streaming photos and HD trailers. I couldn't use it to stream anything I picked up off a torrent site, for example, as it is iTunes only. Its release in non-US markets is puzzling.