Monday, January 22, 2007

Mark Pilgrim vents Dave Sim levels of crazy at full screen text editors

I guess the part I don’t understand is the target audience. Who is so serious about writing that they need a full-screen editor, but so unserious that they don’t have a favorite editor already?


This is an amusing rant with some even more amusing comments, that I’m linking to because of my tip of the hat to Scrivener at the weekend. I love writing in full screen. I was envious of it in Ulysses, glad when it came to Copywrite, and it was the killer feature in MacJournal 3 that persuaded me to pay for the upgrade.

In fact, MacJournal’s implementation is my favourite of the bunch. So sparse, so old school, that big flashing cursor and bright green text just scream “write with us” at me. It’s perfect; I write more when I use it.

Here’s the basic problem: you’re writing a text editor. Stop doing that. It’s 2007. Saying to yourself “I’m gonna build my own text editor” is as silly as saying “I’m gonna build my own build system” or “I’m gonna build my own amusement park.”

Oh, I’ve read that about twenty times today. I can’t stop chuckling when I think about it.

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