Friday, January 26, 2007

Coming soon...

From Amazon:
From the pages of the million sales-per-month British weekly Action comic from the 70s comes the first collected edition of the man-eating great white shark, Hook Jaw! Eventually banned for its graphic violence after a media outcry, this forerunner of 2000 AD sees blood-n-guts and limbs-a-flying mix with environmental issues.

This collection comprises the two pre- ban storylines: "The Oil Rig" — where Hook Jaw unwittingly becomes an eco-terrorist, as he eats his way through the staff of a greed-obsessed oil magnet; "Paradise Island" — at first glance, an idyllic island for the wealthy but at what cost to the indigenous shark-worshippers?

The stories were written by Pat Mills (2000AD, Charley's War, Slaine, Marshall Law etc etc) and Ken Armstrong (Flesh, Dan Dare and other uncredited stories). The art is largely by the wonderful Ramon Sola (Action, 2000AD, Battle etc) and another unnamed artist. Hook Jaw was an attempt to cash-in on the success of Jaws, however, the horrific nature and young audience of Action weekly led to prohibition campaigns by the Evening Standard, the Sun and the BBC.

I remember reading this round at my nan's when I were a nipper. Nasty, gory stuff. Pat Mills in overdrive!


  1. I have the memory of a goldfish and only vaguely remember this. I've just checked Pat Mills at Wikipedia and I didn't realise he was such a legend. Alan Moore over-shadowed everyone for me at the time.

  2. Pat Mills has had enormous influence on the UK industry, but he's not in the same league as Alan Moore in terms of writing ability. His best stuff was Charley's War, Marshall Law, Slaine and some of the stuff in Toxic during the early 90s. Most of the rest was bobbins.

  3. Holy crap, Hook Jaw! Wow, that's a long time ago. Didn't one issue have a Hook Jaw iron-on transfer or something like that?

    Didn't Action have a strip that, er, "cashed-in" on The Six Million Dollar Man?

  4. 2000AD had M.A.C.H One, made superhuman through the application of acupuncture. I'm not sure what the full Action line up was, though I do recall a Rollerball clone - Spinball, or something like that.

  5. I recently picked up some British annuals at a convention and thought they were terrific. They reminded me of BOY'S LIFE magazine which I read when I was a "nipper."

  6. What did you get? I was always partial to Battle and Commando (the war comics.)

    Action was actually before my time, but I could always find annuals at jumble sales.

    The classic pulp stuff was in Lion and Valiant, both of which had folded before I was born. They were very influential - many of the characters were later reimagined by Grant Morrison (for Zenith),Paul Grist (for Jack Staff), and Alan Moore (for Captain Britain, and lately Albion).

  7. Picked up: