Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Even more free scripts

Big update on simplyscripts today, which includes the pilot for Heroes. It’s not far off what appeared on screen, although there are one or two key changes, particularly to the story of indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennett. Hiro remains totally awesome.


  1. Excellent resource. I've just passed the link to someone who told me that she's been buying scripts over the net... which is a bit rich, since the vendors probably do no more than download them from a freely available source.

    Anybody know if any studio has kicked up about the availability of this kind of material? Or don't they care? I know that John August makes some of his old drafts available through his website and presumably retains the rights or gets some agreement to do it, but most of this stuff seems classic bootleg material.

    I can't imagine there's much to be gained by squawking about the text of produced material, though. It's not as if anyone's going to nick off and make it again.

  2. Tim Minear -
    has some Firefly scripts and drafts from The Inside which was a great little show that FOX knocked on the head.

    Websites like Simply Scripts and Daily Script have been going for years. Best to only download the pdf scripts. Some are pointless transcripts.

    Hope the filming of Life Line is going well.

  3. There are links on the sidebar to those Firefly and Inside scripts, as well as to a bunch of others. The Wonderfalls ones are good reads - another short lived Minear project.

    I don't think the studios care all that much, though there was a great site a few years ago that posted shooting scripts of Buffy and Angel episodes as they aired. That got the cease and desist treatment eventually, but luckily not before I'd fattened up my hard drive with them.

  4. Hey Lee,

    Have you come across the proposal by J. Michael Straczynski & bryce Zabel for re-imagining/rebooting the Star Trek franchise?

    Interesting ideas, but boy are they full of themselves.

    Oh, you jammy bugger getting Buffy and Angel scripts.

  5. Buffy and Angel?! Oh shit, I've made a wrong turning into GEEKSVILLE again, oopsy ; )

    And what are you talking about, GD, Devonites DON'T eat people?? Nice try, but I have the evidence to prove YOU do. But if you cut me in on your erotica deal, I'll conveniently "lose" it. I'll even go 60/40 in YOUR favour, plus I speak fluent pornese remember. Can you get a better deal online? I thinketh not. And just in case you try and put me in a casserole, there are video tapes in a safe deposit box. Think on it.

  6. A little yes, but also check out Robin Kelly's blog.

  7. thanks Lee - hadn't checked Simply Scripts in a while....

  8. Okay, Lucy, I get it now. Here in Oxfordshire the only people we ever eat are our parents. There is no other way of ever owning your own home.

    And I agree with Robin that last night's (Sunday's) Torchwood was, for the first time, watchable. Congratulations to all.

    Now run. Run far away from the geek-spurt to follow, for I have a little Easter egg for all my loyal commenters. I have zipped up my collection of Mutant Enemy scripts. Most of the shooting scripts for Angel, seasons 1-3, and Buffy, seasons 2-7, can be downloaded from HERE. They are .doc files, and not in proper screenplay format, but they are the real deal.

    Happy early Christmas.

  9. Lee:

    Had several of these but thanks much.

  10. But 'cept, they must be Mac or something - I got all the files and they say in Word, but I just got gobbledy gook when I opened them :(

  11. What? Outrageous! Sorry, Windows people. This is because they were originally saved using Appleworks, many, many years ago (in computer time). I'll repost them later.

  12. Okay, sorry about that.


    And here's a sample, if you just want to check it works.

  13. Okay thanks - that sample opened and worked that something you have to do on your end or can I do it to the other files/scripts on my end?

  14. It was something I had to do - the files were all created in 2001, and despite having .doc extensions, they were Appleworks files. I don't think there's any way to convert one to the other on Windows, so I did it here. If you don't want to download the whole 8meg archive again, which should be compatible now, let me know if there's any you'd particularly like to read.

  15. I'll download again...

    Hey, did you manage to nick the draft of 'The Departed' that was put up on Simply Scripts last week (it's been taken down). I'd love to read it - if so, can you email? Thanks.