Sunday, November 26, 2006

Committed? Maybe I should be.

Thanks again to Lucy, for arranging a great night out on the tiles, and Piers for providing sofa-bed and fry-up. Sadly, I never did get to see any bra-straps.

I got home at about six, after leaving at one-thirty, just missing my first train. The one I did catch hilariously featured a young child serially vomiting over a table full of passengers as I listened to Tom Waits.

Luckily my car started fine; a relief, as I had spent the last half-dozen stops of my journey with an unreasoning paranoia that I’d left the lights on all weekend.

Not so! Hurrah!

One of the things to come out of our little get-together, was the setting of certain annual targets for our merry band of scribo-bloggers. Mine is the same as this year, which I have not managed - four hour (45 min) long scripts to be completed through 2007. I’ve written one ninety minute feature in ‘06, so I guess that could count as fifty percent completion, if one feels generous. I’m all about the self-loving, so 50% it is.

Plus added incentive! For each completed teleplay, a bottle of Sainsbury’s finest bubbly, courtesy of Piers. Obviously he is hedging his bets, based on my prior performance, but he underestimates the motivational power of booze.

Four scripts coming right up.


  1. The promise of champagne was indeed a great motivator, but not as much as wiping the smug smile off Piers' face! Let us both prove him wrong!

    I reckon we should arrange another of these get-togethers, perhaps early next year. I'm willing to do the organising this time. Can I count you in?

  2. Absolutely. I'd be happy to arrange one in Chipping Norton, but it might just be me and my pint.

    Weekends are better than schoolnights - some of us have offices to go to in the mornings!

  3. You may not have seen any bra straps Lee, but if you had paid closer attention you will have seen my right boob fall out of my top when I came back from the ladies'. I did a pretty good job of hiding this tho and no one mentioned it. So now I have.

    Pleasure meeting everyone, of course. I'd defo be up for another. Scribo-meet, that is - not flashing.

  4. There's always one exhibitionist in the bunch!

  5. Dammit, I knew there was something that should have happened last night that didn't.

    I was lured out under false pretences.

    Next time, I shall demand to see two bra straps to make up for this terrible lack.