Monday, October 23, 2006

There's another word for that, you know

Uh-oh, watch out, here be SPOILERS for Season Two of Doctor Who...

Russell T Davies in The Independent:

It's all there for the taking, I do it gladly. The ending of Doctor Who, where we had to separate the Doctor and Rose, that was unashamedly taken from the Phillip Pullman novels. They're brilliant, and every child reads them. So that creates a resonance, when they've got a story in one part of their minds and they see Doctor Who and think, 'Oh right! You can change stories!' If you want to get pretentious about it, it's exactly what Shakespeare did. As long as you put yourself into it I think it's all there for the grabbing.

So you’re not nicking other people’s ideas, you’re creating resonance. How silly of me!

As for Torchwood, I thought it was daft, but I enjoyed it. Different enough from most of the bollocks on telly to be worth a watch, at any rate. I couldn’t help thinking I’d already seen it done by Warren Ellis, though. Captain Jack’s not exactly Elijah Snow, but Burn Gormley is Drums, or I’m a monkey’s uncle. Got to love the Doctor’s severed hand-in-a-jar though. And Captain Scarlet! Torchwood is green!

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  1. I was watch the adult drama in ITV, so I'll catch the Wednesday repeats. (Can't wait).

    Yeah, through the second season of Doctor Who I was pointing out the steals to friends who lapped it up like a dumb puppy.

    During the second year I suggested to them that we have a drinking game, taking a slug when a ripped-off reference pops up on screen. If the episode had an unsubtle Torchwood reference you had to drain the bottle and smash it over your head.

    Of the top of my head there was Michael Mann's The Keep, Legend, Alien and Aliens, Event Horizon, Anthony Horowitz's Alex Ryder books... Buffy, repeatedly.

    Yeah, when I came to the final scene of the second series finale, I was screaming, "It's Lyra and Will for Chrissakes!"

    I worked with a great Canadian animator for a couple years who said only reference earlier work if you can improve on it. Obviously not a rule applied at BBC Wales.

    Hadn't thought about Planetary. Always thought that Torchwood, as an organisation, came from The Initiative.