Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There is no time

If I lived in North America and had a DVR, it would be pretty backed up by now. I don’t have a DVR, but I do have Bittorrent and a web connection, and the available GBs on my hard drive shrink every day, as they’re written over by TV shows I don’t know when I’ll find time to watch. I can’t fit in twenty hours of television a week. Here’s Dexter starting on Showtime, and I haven’t even finished Brotherhood yet.

I’m gonna have to slim things down a bit. The Wire, Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars are so far the only torrents guaranteed a place in the queue. I’d like to see Rob Thomas continue to name his villains of the week after aging rock artists - this week Donald Fagen, next week David Gilmour, maybe.

Heroes, Prison Break, Studio 60, Weeds, Dexter, House, Smith, The Unit, Jericho, Kidnapped, and Supernatural. I can’t watch them all, I must be merciless.

And those are just the U.S shows. DMc’s love for Slings and Arrows has convinced me to check that out. I’m quite enjoying Irish drama Legend, and some bastard at Barbelith recently turned me on to anime Bleach. We in the U.K got new Spooks recently, and Robin Hood starts Saturday. I was out fencing last night, learning to kill with honour and panache, so would anyone like to give their impressions of Kudos’ latest, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard?

You know, I think I may actually have a problem here. I need someone to take my TV away. I’m at work from 9, and leave a key under the recycles box, if anyone wants to sort me out. Since you’re going to be in my house anyway, please clean the bathroom before you leave.

I’m going to go and read a book, now.

The Brightonomicon, if you must know.


  1. it is a little overwhleming isn't it --- I hit a point yesterday where I was just giving tapes to friends who wanted to watch stuff because I was tired and did the math and saw no way of getting to it all in the near future...

    ...even behind the sink? Clean I mean.

  2. TV keeps getting better and better, and I keep getting busier. Still, the shows I do find time for are such high quality I think I can live with missing one or two of the others.

    Oh, yes, and don't forget to pull the hairs out of the bath plug.

  3. Why don't you get a t-shirt:

    "So much TV... So little time!"

    I'm sure someone makes them already...


  4. This is why God invented end-of-season DVD sets.

    She plans for these things you know...

  5. Thoughts on Robin Hood?

    Everyone else is having a go.

  6. I thought it was pretty awful, to be honest; there were too many weaknesses to be found everywhere - music, dialogue, action, acting and story - for it to be anything other than a new millenium's version of the eighties' Glen A. Larson Saturday tea-time pacifier.

    That said, I used to love all that shit when I was eight, so it might end up being enjoyable regardless. I'll give it a couple of weeks to find out how much of my reaction was the result of raised expectations.

    It definitely suffered from pilot-itis, but it wasn't without promise. And the fact that I want to like it gives it a pass for now. Maybe Dom Mighella will be to RH what Russell Davies is to Doctor Who - brings the vision, inspires the troops, but never quite pulls it off at the keyboard.

    When all the cast have been assembled, and a couple of other writers have had a bash, I'll be able to decide if this is worth watching, a guilty pleasure, or bobbins.

    I just wish it looked more like England - if only Sherwood had been a bit greener I could have been kinder.

  7. I think what I mourned was the lack of any sense of conviction in the enterprise -- a re-imagining with no particular imagination involved. No sense of a tale to be told, just bases to be covered.

    Robin Hood offers a terrific body of myth and there are all kinds of ways you can select and reassemble and innovate and come up fresh, but you have to have an angle and a voice and it had neither.

    Eight million fricking quid! And they couldn't think of any other way to open than to copy the story beats of the Costner version!

  8. It was a struggle to keep up with the new season but cancellations and bad shows have made it a little easier. Of your list you can't watch, I'd also prioritise Dexter, Heroes and Prison Break even if it means cutting back on sleep. The rest can wait till they air in the UK.

  9. Thanks to a certain leaked DVD screener, I've cleared The Wire off the list - I've now seen the whole of season four and it's heartbreaking.

    With that out of the way, I've started a Heroes marathon this afternoon. Two episodes in, and I'm as good as hooked.