Sunday, October 01, 2006

One page

From my brain to your screen, via the dancing magic of nimble fingers, an answer to Red Right Hand’s challenge:
Let us see what it is you write. One page, no set-up or explanations. It doesn't necessarily even have to make sense out of context. One page won't hurt you.
It won’t hurt me, but I can’t be responsible for what might happen to you. RACHEL How does it end? Frank is whimpering now. ILEM We eats him. RACHEL Good boy. FRANK No, no, this isn’t right. It’s... Rachel grasps his jaw, shutting him up. She forces open his mouth, he’s absolutely paralysed with terror. She reaches into his mouth and rips out his tongue. She releases Frank. Frank falls to the floor and starts to crawl towards the door. Before he can make it across the room, she steps on him. Frank looks up at her, pleading. She licks the bloody end of his severed tongue, pops it in her mouth, and chews. Eventually she swallows it. She turns to Ilem. RACHEL Time to hunt. You’d better divide. She drops to her knees, straddles Frank. Turns his head toward Ilem. Ilem becomes hazy, blurred, out of focus. There seem to be two of him standing where there was one. His two faces peel apart, his whole body splits into two, each with two faces. RACHEL (CONT'D) My special little pet. Rachel strokes Frank's cheek, leaning closer.


  1. Cool, I will print out your badge and wear it proudly.

  2. Ayeeeeeeeee....

    Gruesome. Yummy.

    Well done.

    (Um, actually, rare...)

  3. ooooooh.


    In a good way.