Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lea Delaria

Some friends and I went to see Lea Delaria and her band play at our little local theatre last night. Chipping Norton is a dyed-in-the-wool blue Tory town, and the theatre is only ever attended by a single demographic - smug, stuffy, grey-haired, weekend-home owning horse-teethed slapheaded cunts.

I’ve got Double Standards, and I knew not to expect a cosy night of Cole Porter ballads and other examples from the songbook, but I was worried how the rest of the audience would react to a 200lb Fred Dibnah looking lesbian gal, belting out killing arrangements of songs by Jane’s Addiction, Patty Smith and The Doors. Sure enough, one or two were out of their seats and back to the foyer within a couple of tracks, their reserve unable to cope with the sheer level of swing released upon the crowd. But those that stayed had a blast. She and the band tore that place up like motherfuckers. It was awesome. Her voice is absolutely remarkable, and what she does to The Ballad of Sweeney Todd is revelatory.

Delaria is touring in the UK throughout October and November.

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  1. "smug, stuffy, grey-haired, weekend-home owning horse-teethed slapheaded cunts" - sorry, can't say anything articulate about this post, I'm still doubled up laughing that description. Perfect. I think these may be the sort of people someone I know refers to as "braying hooray types".

    Okay, I've recovered. Ms Delaria sounds like a good tip, I'll look out for her.