Friday, October 20, 2006

Here's one I made earlier

Apologies to everyone using a feed reader - such as NetNewsWire - to check out the blog, who will have noticed I’ve presented them with 25 unread posts this morning. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you switch from plain old Blogger to their swanky new beta platform.

I’ve waited a couple of months to make the move, despite having my template ready to go for ages. I had concerns over the way comments were handled, and the feeds are not especially robust, but I can live with that for now. Enough people have sailed the beta-sea without capsizing for long enough that I figure it’s safe.

Converting my template to work with the layout features was a bitch of an effort, but I think it looks rather pretty. Now I need to think about whether or not it’s worth adding labels to 238 posts. At least I won’t have to do them one at a time.

Good work, Blogger.


  1. It all looks slightly bigger. I've switched mine over to the new beta, but haven't switched template to the new layouts thing - because I'll have to fiddle around getting all my custom twiddly bits back in, mostly in the sidebar. What was difficult about adding that stuff back in? Can you choose where the labels display? Cause that's my biggest problem with the new beta, they appear right under my blog posts with no gap. I want them in the little linky bit underneath. And I want coffee.

  2. I've made it smaller again.

    The major difficulty lay in learning how the widgets and wrappers and new database system differed from the old. In some cases it was merely terminology, but it still required quite a big rewrite. You don't have to worry about this unless you're trying to write your own template. Upgrading to the layout system should be easier if you use one of the default blogger templates. I got a bit fancy with mine and my ingenuity almost cost me my sanity. Thankfully, you can switch back to the original if something goes really wrong.

    Once you change, you'll be able to slap your labels all over the shop. Where-ever you want.

    I don't know what'll happen to your header image though.

  3. That's what worries me - the sidebar links should be easy enough, but I've changed the header image link, and the colours. Can't remember exactly which ones though. It's a standard template, but fiddled with... Maybe I should just go for a new template with no header image, keep things nice and simple.

  4. Hmmmmm....yess... I frigging idea what you're on about...

    More importantly: want to PARTAY with me and the optimistic reader on Nov 25th????? Alcohol is involved. And girls. Well, me and her and one other one. Maybe we'll show you our bra straps!

    Details on my blog...

  5. Now that's the sort of comment I want more of - not from you though, James, you can keep your spangly thongs to yourself.

  6. I read Lucy's comment 3 times, totally confused, before I glanced at the name and realised that it wasn't Lee talking. I thought Lee had gone mad, again.

    Girls, eh? Hmm. They hypnotise. They lure. What wicked plans are they concocting??

  7. Oh we are wicked! We will MAKE you drink thirteen jugs of cocktail and eat burritos and enchiladas that will burn your ass off my friends...whilst wearing sparkly thongs!

    Sounds like a plan.

    Any more for anymore?

  8. Lucy, I want to come along, but what you said about weirdoes and dirty macs made me think I might be unwelcome.

    I'll try and squeeze in a makeover before the big day.

  9. Now Lucy, BEHAVE! I never agreed to show my bra strap (well not purposefully anyway). I'm just not that sort of girl. But please, you feel free to get the bra strap and the sparkly thong out for all to see. I'm not judging. Not even a little bit.

    You dirty cow.