Friday, September 01, 2006

Fuck Black People

So, did BBC2’s Shoot the Messenger send you scrambling to join the BNP on Wednesday night?

No, me neither, although sadly I will admit that I did feel a certain sneering contempt begin to poison my mind amidst all the jibes at hair extensions, decorated nails, African names and gospel. Another chance to look down on people who aren’t like me.

But that was my problem, not the writer’s.

I realised I was being a dick, and stopped.


  1. so it didn't work then?

    hmm. Word I got was that it was a bit too 'all over the place'. Still waiting for the tape to judge for myself though..

    Maybe you ought to get out a bit Lee - shake a bit of booty...

  2. Tried that last night. Oh, my head.

  3. Thanks Lee...hey publish a new post - I find seeing that post title every time I land here of late...jarring?