Monday, August 21, 2006

Something's got to be holding it all up

I’ve seen this going around, and since mine’s in a particularly bad way right now, you’re getting a what’s on the desk entry:
        •        Bearded, wheezing G3 iMac, with wireless ethernet bridge, currently playing Jenny Lewis, and running iTunes, Safari, TextEdit, Montage, Mail, MacJournal, NetNewsWire, Accounts and Quicksilver.
        •        Books: Guitar for Dummies, The Man in My Basement, Blood Meridian, Black Hole and Copenhagen.
        •        Notes for six-pack series challenge bible.
        •        Copy of Breach Birth I keep meaning to redraft.
        •        DVD of Between the Lines, season three.
        •        A handful of dusty, primed but unpainted Citadel miniatures (Empire Militia).
        •        Ticket stubs for Stoppard’s Rock and Roll at The Duke of York’s.
        •        A bottle of 18 year old Glenmorangie.
        •        Unpaid bills.
        •        Statement from pension company.
        •        Passport (to renew).
        •        Moleskine.
        •        Stack of index cards.
        •        Wristwatch.
        •        Keys.
        •        Wallet
        •        Chewing gum
        •        Tub of pens.
        •        Mobile phone.
        •        Home phone.
        •        Digital camera.
        •        iPod.
        •        Remote control for unknown piece of equipment.
        •        Glucosamine gel for my gammy hip.
        •        Tiny lavender cushion.
        •        Photo album.
        •        Tribal mask
        •        Issue apiece of Edge, Uncut and Broadcast.
        •        2 half-empty mugs of tea.
        •        Loose change.
        •        Lamp to see the destruction by.
God, what a state.


  1. If you can actually see the computer, the desk isn't that untidy. I tried to tidy my desk area last Friday night, it was so messy it was stressing me out. But I just made more of a mess.

  2. Luckily, it's a big computer. I did loose my laptop under a trash-slide once, though. Needed one of those Time Team geo-phys machines to find it again.