Monday, August 28, 2006

Nothing pretty about it

So farewell Bullock, Swedgin, Jane, EB and all the rest of you Deadwood cocksuckers. You should have had another season because, man, that was a depressing finale.

I hope John from Cincinnati turns out to be a corker, but it'll be difficult to think of it as anything other than the show they cancelled Deadwood for.

At least HBO still have The Wire. I would once have sworn Deadwood was the greatest slice of TV ever made, but that was before I got caught up with David Simon’s Baltimore opus. Since then, no contest. Season Four starts Sept. 10th. Watch it.


  1. is The wire season 4 on here in sept?

  2. In the UK? No. I'll be acquiring it some other way.

  3. Deadwood season 1 was awesome but I just wasn't in the mood for season 2 and I guess too many other viewers felt the same. I may give it another try when its repeated.

    I agree about The Wire, sort of, The Sopranos and Six Feet Under are also on a similar level and I can't choose between them.

    I'll be acquiring it some other way too but I won't have time to watch all I want to watch,there is so much good stuff this season.

  4. Season Three of Deadwood was easily the best yet, but I know what you mean about not being in the mood for some things. Occasionally I acquire them, only to save them for a rainy day - as was originally the case with Spooks, Afterlife, Sleeper Cell and currently Brotherhood, all shows I really enjoyed once I got around to watching them.

    I thought the first season of 6FU was a masterpiece, but lost interest in the second season about half way through. I like The Sopranos, but find it too uneven - when it's on, TV doesn't get better, but it's had some stinkers, too. I've never been disappointed, or felt my attention wander at any point during The Wire, and that's why I love it so.

  5. Sorry, I struggled with season two of Deadwood manfully until the end and it was season three I didn't watch. If it's the best I will definitely catch the repeat.