Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My hips are going too

I've just plucked my first grey hair. It's not right, I'm supposed to be immortal, for heaven's sake. Sage, immortal and ageless, not some moldering codger with greying temples and freakishly hairy wolfman ears.

I can't get old, I won't have it. Surely someone out there's willing to offer eternal youth for a used soul.


  1. Pah! Stop whining, mortal!

    I always wanted to have greying hair just above the ears, like Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four or the Punisher. Distinguished grey, that was goal.

    Instead I got thinning hair and speckles of grey in no discernible grouping. Even my male pattern baldness is utter rubbish, requiring the oblivion of a number 1 to look vaguely acceptable.

    A combover would be a fecking luxury.

  2. for every grey plucked 10 more appear overnight to spite you.