Friday, August 04, 2006

Kiss my fairly used arse

How the holy hell do ISPs get away with advertising unlimited useage services, where “unlimited” has been redefined as “40GB?” And why can't they all come to some kind of agreement as to what constitute "peak" and "off-peak" hours?

Who's running this dumb-ass infrastructure anyway? The BBC don’t tell me I can only watch so many hours of colour TV every month, and whenever I switch on after that everything will be black and white.

Can anyone recommend an ISP that can offer either a truly unlimited, or up to 100GB a month, service?


  1. Demon. But it ain't cheap. Well its okay - 25 per month

  2. Cheers, Tim. Demon get a hell of a pasting in the reviews at ISP Review, but generally speaking only unhappy people post those things anyway. You've never had any problems?