Sunday, August 06, 2006

Apple Sunday

The second big event of the Apple calendar, WWDC, kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow. What new goodies will it bring to the faithful? New Powermacs? The long-fabled iPhone, or the long wished-for Apple tablet/PDA? How about about that touch-screen iPod?

And will we find out if Apple have finally managed to FTFF with Leopard? Read The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (UH-OH - Apple's legal strike-force have had this blog put down. Shame on them) to pick up some hints. And before teh Steve gives his keynote tomorrow, make sure you have your WWDC bingo card close to hand.

I sorely need a new computer, so I’m hoping iMac updates are in the offing - my Blueberry DV is coming up to seven years old. It’s now on its second logic board and third hard drive, and the CRT is going green. But a computer that’s six and a half years old, still in use every day and running the latest operating system, is a testament to good engineering. My first Mac, I’ll be ever so sorry to eventually see it go.

Or should I get another laptop, instead? I love the portability provided by my Powerbook. It’s over three years old, the battery (its second) is dead and ever since I dropped it, the hard drive is no good. There’s no point replacing the faulty items, it wouldn’t cost much more to buy a new Macbook.

Might, or mobility? Oh, the soul-bending dilemmas of modern life.

Some shilling now.

Other Mac users may like to know that Montage, Mariner’s new addition to our screenwriting arsenal, recently reached Version 1, and was released for the moderate price of $149. Now, to be completely honest, I’m not quite entirely comfortable vouching for it just yet. Version 1 still has several kinks, which means I’m often working against the app rather than with it. However, most of these have been addressed with the 1.0.1 betas, and I hope when the update is released, I’ll be perfectly happy to recommend it to anybody. In the meantime, why not play with it a while? Version 1.0.1b3 can be downloaded here. The software is fully functional for thirty days, and if you like it, and want to support its development, it’s available for $99.99 (53 quid) until August 11th. Go to the online store, and enter “newera” in the promotional codes field at the bottom of the page. You can then select the download edition at the reduced price.

I’ve been testing Montage since February, and think it’s got massive potential. If you don’t like it, or have ideas on how to improve it, head to the support forums and make them known. The development team are determined to provide the best screenwriting solution on OSX, and welcome feedback.

YouTube addicts tired of seeing the site frequently pull its most entertaining material may like to know that they can now download and save videos to their Mac, iPod or PSP using the $15 (8 quid) TubeSock. My current YouTube fave is Darth Vader being a smartass, which, for some reason, just never gets old. Remix genius.

A jolly nice pre-release version of the Web Kit based browser Shiira is out in the wild. With such innovative features as Tab-Expose, Full Screen browsing and lovely HUD-style panels, this is a very attractive beast, and fast to boot.

Finally, Tables is a new spreadsheet application, which might please those of us still waiting for Apple to get their shit together and produce a proper Appleworks replacement. Only at Version 0.16, it’s already looking pretty neat.

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  1. I'm watching 3 different live update sites as we speak, I'm pathetically excited. Mac Pro! Dual dual-core! That's like... double-dual...

    Nice to see them saying fuck it and just laying into the blatant copying of Vista. I think I can hear Ballmer's head exploding.

  2. I'm loving it. Virtual desktops, at last! And as for pathetic, I don't care who knows it, but I'll be sitting back with a large whiskey to watch the eventual Quicktime stream later.

  3. Mind you, I sure would have liked that iMac update. The Mac Pro at the UK Apple Store is a tad more expensive than I expected, given that the Pound's now worth almost two Dollars, but I suppose I've come to expect the markup.

    Still, never been a better time to start clearing that wishlist.

  4. Not bad though, considering normally they just change the dollar sign to a pound sign - 1699's pretty decent too, same price as the 15 inch MacBook Pro. Hmm...

    Bring on the new iPods and second versions of the Macbooks.