Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Won't anybody think of the children?

From Media Guardian:
ITV has confirmed it will close its inhouse children's programme-making department, saying it hopes to sell it as a going concern.

The moment OFCOM allowed ITV to prune the number of hours per week dedicated to children’s programming, the writing was on the wall. It can’t be long before ITV ditch children’s shows completely. As I wrote previously, this is a godawful shame. A good number of our current top-tier writers began their careers penning children’s programmes on ITV. Some of my earliest and fondest TV memories are of the often terrifying Dramarama (Paul Abbott, Kay Mellor). My imaginary and ultimately tragic love affair with Charlotte Coleman began with Marmalade Atkins (Andrew Davies), and it was while catching up on Press Gang via DVD that I finally found my purpose in life.

And Top of the Pops is going too. Well, frankly, good riddance to that. But the rest of the day’s news is terrible.

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  1. Looks like kid's TV has gone out of fashion! I suppose they can survive on repeats and reruns.

  2. well that's the rub isn't it? No one invests interest in kid's tv so they do survive on repeats...

    In America, a typical season for an adult tv show is 13 episodes with a 'back 9' pickup. For kids programming - it's 9 episodes period then the reruns start.

  3. but they did make 365 episodes of teletubbies!