Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend update

Yesterday was an utter wash-out. Following a farcical shopping fiasco, I walked along to the pub to watch England’s exceedingly dull game. The plan was to watch the match, then go home and spend the evening writing 15-20 pages. Unwittingly, I became quite drunk, and when I got home and put on some music, I was surprised to discover the track listing had been altered and that the first track was followed immediately by the last. Eventually, my intoxicated mind was able to piece together that I had slept through the entire thing. I devoured the stored contents of my fridge, watched Doctor Who and passed out again.

I have written some truly terrible scenes today. And my chronology is completely shot. Time seems to be moving at different rates depending on location. The only choice is to place all but one thread in suspended animation until I can get everyone together again, in the same place.

What a fudge.

Never mind.


Category: Meatspace


  1. sounds just like my unproductive yesterday. Hey, all work and no play makes... well you know the rest

  2. I've had a few unproductive days, which I've just posted about on my blog. I'm sure you are doing fine - you've done solid preparion work, unlike me!

  3. Apparently I can't even SPELL preparation!

  4. Prep kept me going for the first thirty pages, then the damn thing took a turn I just wasn't expecting. Since then I've been pretty much winging it, trying simultaneously to keep it on the leash, and yet let it develop in its own way.

    Glad to hear you're okay - just keep going, even if it takes you 140 days.