Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A right old knees-up

The Bournemouth screenwriting cabal are having a BBQ on the 29th for anyone too broke to attend the Screenwriters’ Jamboree in Cheltenham. Now, Bournemouth is a bit far for me, and I’d probably be turned away at the gate for not being trendy or beautiful enough, even if I were to show up with an ass-kicking fruit salad, but, it just so happens I’m having a drink with the estimable Piers Beckley that day anyway. As this will most likely be my one and only London visit for 2006, anyone who can is welcome to join us in the Dover Castle, near to Oxford Circus tube.

Piers will be there from 6:30; I hope you won’t let him get lonely, as I will be arriving from the sticks a little bit later.

Piers has kindly provided a map. See you there, with luck.

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  1. I think you're beautiful.

    Kinda high-maintenance though.