Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In other news

Shaun Ryan has gots the go-ahead for a seventh (sixth? Fifth and three quarters? Whatever, airing in 2008) season of The Shield, though there may not be much of the strike team left by then.

Deadwood fans can shuck off their veils of mourning. David Milch and HBO have reached an agreement that will allow Milch to complete his tale of the lawless west in two two hour movies.

I said it before, but maybe no-one else was excited as me, so I’ll report it again: Jane Espenson is writing for Battlestar Galactica. Jane Espenson! Battlestar Galactica! Isn’t that great?

No word of a lie, but Saturday’s Doctor Who eclipsed even The Girl in the Fireplace in terms of scale and sheer awesomeness. “I’m right behind you. Don’t. Don’t look at me. One look and you will die.” Brrrr.

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