Saturday, June 03, 2006

A few notes for Friday (or Saturday - where does the time go?)

It has begun - the fourteen day screenplay is upon us, and although I’m nowhere near as ready as I could be, and strongly suspect that I’ll be spending the next two weeks furiously laying track as a train barrels towards me, I’m quite excited. I’ve put myself in a position where I no longer have a choice - I have to do this. Failure means erasing my blog from history and slinking away under a bar somewhere.

Yes, the stakes are high, but this is the only way I’m going to find out if I can do this.

But I am not alone. Several fellow scribeosphereans have taken the pledge, and just as I will try and blog my progress over the period, hopefully so will the following good people:

           Matt Courtney

           Stephen Repacholi (local boy!)

           Optimistic Reader

           Bonnie Gillespie


           One Slack Martian


           Twixter Scripter


           Robert Hogan

           Robin Kelly

           Dom Carver

           Femme Au Foyer (Zazie)


           Christy Bunner

May God have mercy on us all, and to all of those blogless participants also.

Guerilla screenwriters take note - version 0.9.7 of open-source scriptwriting app Celtx has just been released, and is looking very, very good. New in this release, well, tonnes of things. Take a look for yourself.

My Joking Apart DVD arrived this week, and my Moffat crush shows no signs of abating. For what is essentially a one man band operation, Replay have produced a terrific package - the episodes look great, and the included documentary and commentaries are very entertaining. I hope this is enough of a success that season two will be released; the signs could be good - I’m getting a lot of hits from people searching for this.

Best news of the week: Jane Espenson will be writing for season three of Battlestar Galactica.

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  1. Hi Lee - sorry for misspelling your name over on my blog! Fixed it now. I was still doing preparation work at midnight last night. Off to start writing now and isn't it typical summer has finally arrived just as I need to confine myself indoors and chain myself to the keyboard? Damn English weather!

  2. I know, it's unbelievable. How do people live in LA and stay indoors writing all the time? I want to be at the pool!

  3. Yikes. Good luck, you crazy bastard. To all of you crazy bastards! As for the weather, two words: extension cable. Go and sit outside, you don't need the internet, just power.

  4. Laptops and beer my friends. laptops and beer.

    An LA screenwriter's best friends and worst enemies.

    Here you can sit out in the sun and write and drink. Oh the pain. The pain.

  5. Thanks for the link!

    And yeah, we play all day and write all night. Sleep? Well... only sometimes. And probably not much during the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge.

    One page in at hour 13. I clearly need to stop blog-commenting and get back to it if I'm going to hit 10 pages before my dinner meeting.


  6. I think it is high time we had a progress report from you, young man!

  7. Your wish. My command. Come back later for a write up.

    Sounds almost illicit, doesn't it?

  8. Hey how's it goin? I autogoogled and came up here,,,

    Are you still into screenwriting?

    I didn't do so well the last 14 day challenge but am hoping to usefully spend my Easter holidays writing.
    I will try to check on your blog from time to time, but it is hard at the moment to justify another blogspot for me!!!! (see below)

    Anyway take care
    Stephen Repacholi

  9. Hi Stephen

    yeah, I also flunked the last 14 day challenge, but I'm still going - just rather slowly!

    Best of luck with everything.