Friday, June 16, 2006

The big push

Nearly. There.

I thought about bunking off today, but too many people at work know I’ve embarked on this insane endeavour, including my boss, so I’d never have got away with it. However, I did manage to knock off an hour early, and so here I am, newly cycled home and ready to put in those last fifteen or so pages. A fag and a beer and I’m off.
Boy, these are going to be rough.
But be they as rough as a cowboy’s stubble, they will be finished. See you after midnight – an extension has been offered, but accepting the lifeline after all this would unman me. I pass no judgement on those who do, however. I am a lonely, lonely person with no other commitments or responsibilities beyond my own gratification. But you know, beyond never knowing love, I'm happy in my way.

Category: Writing


  1. Good luck mate!
    It'll be good to FINALLY see you finish SOMETHING you started! ;)

    (p.s. You writers are all soft... try doing 62 hours non-stop on-call in acute medicine and THEN you'll know the meaning of mental pain... hehe)

  2. Rah rah rah! Rah rah rah!

    [twirls big balls of cotton fluff]

  3. But you just sleep through 58 of those hours, surely.

    Five minutes ago, I finished. What a feeling.

    I'm terrified of reading it back now, I can't remember the first line.

  4. Epic! Well done, you cheeky little tinker, for getting to the end and not giving up. You rock.

  5. Glad to see you kept your manhood and saw it through to the end. How does it feel? A bit unreal perhaps? It always does for me - like a good hit of X - which I know nothing about of course.