Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All are welcome

Don’t forget, if you’re in London tomorrow, and want to get together to talk toot in a bar, then be at the Dover Castle from 6:30pm.

Also, I seem to have forgotten my blog’s birthday. The poor, neglected, black-lunged child of mine was a year old yesterday. Pip pip. Wisest thing I ever did.

See you tomorrow.

Category: Meatspace


  1. Happy birthday to your blog! Apparently it shares a b-day with Billy "Rom-Com King" Mernit's blog.

  2. Happy blogthday! I think mine's coming up soon, so we can exchange virtual presents, or something.

  3. Oh boo hoo. I feel left out, my blog is the whippiest snapper of them all, started only Nov last year : (

  4. But you bring years of valuable experience to to it, making every post a gem. Whereas I just blather witlessly, and can't imagine what anyone's doing reading it.

  5. So it's the end of July... just found out about your blog today. Cheers for your blogiversary.