Monday, May 01, 2006

Hustle to shuffle off living room coil?

From this week’s Broadcast:

Eastenders’ lead writer set to quit 

lead writer and chief story consultant Tony Jordan is quitting the soap in January having set up his own production company. Jordan, who created BBC1 hit drama Hustle and co-created Life on Mars, made by Kudos Film and Television, will honour his current contracts but once they have ended will write only for his new indie, Red Planet.   

He plans to make the new company, backed by senior executives at Kudos, a writer-led production company, bringing in top writing talent to work with him. He is already in talks with broadcasters. The indie is likely to be near his home in Bedfordshire.

Kudos joint managing directors Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone, as well as head of drama Simon Crawford Collins and general manager Dan Issacs have all become minority shareholders and will provide support to the new production company.

Jordan, who has worked on EastEnders since 1985 - writing 250 episodes and creating the Slater family - is currently working on the latest series of Hustle. He said: “I am contracted to the end of the year and I think it will be my last year at EastEnders. I will honour the contract and see the rest of the year out.”

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  1. Hustle's not going anywhere. Neither is Eastenders(which we get here via PBS). Only Tony Jordan is leaving (and not really at that as his production co. is so tied to Kudos that he really hasn't gone anywhere).

    This is a good deal for him and Brit TV.

  2. I know, I'm not worried. I wanted to post this because I think it's excellent news. For some reason though, I felt like going with a sensational and irresponsible headline. :)