Monday, May 01, 2006

Ebdon vs. Dott - Frame 27

Seventy-four minutes. That was one fuck-off long-ass frame of snooker.

Gripping stuff - better than many movies.


  1. Not much of a snooker fan, eh?

  2. My missus set the PVR for the movie and then went off to bed. I'm getting the earplugs ready.

  3. Will there ever be another snooker film since Bob Geldof took up a cue as Harry 'Flash' Gordon in Number One?

    My bet would be a TV bio of Ronnie.

    And doesn't Graeme Dott look like Santa's Little Helper from The Simpsons? Go on Graeme, have a meal...

  4. I normally watch all the snooker, but I completely missed the whole thing. What time did it finish? I try not to watch Ebdon anymore, he's a great player, but life's too short. Speed it up, Ebbo! I'm busy!

  5. Half-past one, it finished, and me having to go to work in the morning as well. Lawks.

    "Gutsy" Dott as the BBC are rather inaccurately calling him, will certainly get a lot of Pedigree Chum with his £200k.