Sunday, May 21, 2006


My boiler threw an eppy on Tuesday and since then I’ve had no hot water or heating. Now, I don’t mind being a little bit skanky and unwashed, but my work mates have started keeping their distance over the last couple of days, so I finally called a local service engineer to come and take a look.

He left defeated, a broken man. I’ve since heard he’s thrown his wrenches into the furnace and gone to run a bar in Majorca.

I called the manufacturer. They promised to send someone today to take a look. I haven’t left the house all day. I couldn’t play football. I couldn’t go to my parents for dinner, although, bless them, they did bring me my grub on a big plate so I wouldn’t have to fend for myself.

No-one came. Poor Lee’s a-cold.

Still, my confinement had benefits. Today I have:

        • put a new hard drive into my long dead iMac, resurrecting her as an iTunes jukebox and bedroom DVD player.
        • read the scripts for Bad Boys and An American Werewolf in London
        • done around 400 sit-ups
        • watched a couple of episodes of Rome that I missed last year
        • made excellent headway on my fourteen day screenplay pre-planning
        • had fish-finger sandwiches for tea

They were delicious.

So, not a waste of time.

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  1. Ooh, fish finger sandwiches! Yummy.

    You need an electric shower, for those boiler-gone-dead occasions. Unlimited hot water, in your bath (and sink, if it's close enough). Unlimited powah!

  2. I will take it up with the relevant authority. Over the phone perhaps, as in person I'm currently best avoided.

  3. It'll prep you for the 14-day writing.

    Think of it as Boot Camp...

  4. Bill, you might have been right. But now that hot water is flowing through my pipes again, I already feel soft and decadent. Why, this afternoon, I had such a long and restful nap.