Monday, May 22, 2006

The angel on my shoulder

Shuffling along in line for the cash machine, trying not to peer at everyone else's balance, I get to the front and notice the last man at the helm has wandered off mid-transaction, leaving his card in the machine, and me with the option of a free £200.

What to do, what to do? My long history of shop-lifting and theft from employers fought against all the moral lessons I've ever been taught, and eventually my natural impulses were overcome. I removed the card and followed a stranger down the street until I could do him a good turn.

And was he grateful? Was he?

Well, yes, as it happens. He said "Oh, thank you. How kind." And I replied "It's my pleasure."

Then I came back to work, unable to account for my behaviour.

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  1. you're becoming more zen-like as you approach the script ahead.

  2. That must be it. Lord knows, it's not that I couldn't use the cash.

  3. That's two-hundred quidsworth of good Karma heading your way.