Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Class swot Danny Stack once wrote a screenplay in 96 hours, just to prove how easy it was. I was actually quite intimidated by the whole display, but have managed to internalise and transfer the trauma in such a way that I have become a foul and malicious bully.

But never mind that. Those of us who are too lazy to complete a screenplay in four days are invited to try their luck and stamina in the fourteen day screenwriting contest instead, organised by Matt Courtney.

Set to run from the 3rd to 17th June, this is a chance to show your speed-writing chops and forge unbreakable, epic friendships. Or, if you prefer to spectate, come watch a whole bunch of writers rapidly spiral into hollow-eyed, clammy-skinned terror. Damaged, we will be; dribbling, voiceless, grunting, masturbating husks.

You can sign up for the event at http://www.14dayscreenplay.com/. I already spend approximately 60% of my time grunting and masturbating, and am becoming disenchanted with both. This is the chance I’ve been looking for to expand my range of nervous tics.

Plus, what better excuse to buy a sleek, black, MacBook?

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